I have a highly addictive personality.  This has not been an easy lesson to learn and perhaps even more difficult to admit.  For some people, this flaw brings about a life of extremes – success and destruction.  Addictive people cannot be moderately committed to something – and such is my weakness.

Which leads me to blogging.  My weakness has taught me that I must be purposeful in everything I do.  My addictions must be purposeful if they are not to destroy me.  I must proceed with caution in new ventures lest they consume me.  So as I begin this blog, I must ask the question “why?”

Many blogs have an agenda or a message which they desire to propagate.  This is a great medium to carry out such a task.  Everyone has opinions (myself included) which we share with the world.

For me, my blog must be different lest I become consumed with blogrolls and google hits.  My vision for this is to become somewhat of my own personal journal.  It is my thoughts expressed in words.  It is not a diary of my secrets confessions, but rather the questions that I ask and the lessons that I learn.

But why are you publishing your journal for the whole world to see?  First of all, I don’t care if no one sees it.  This is a healthy exercise for me.  But, if they do see it, I hope that this can be an encouragement to them and that it could be a place we can share together – moving towards creativity and expression together.


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